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Our clients come to us for help when they need assistance in implementing information system solutions. This can include designing a new website, re-designing an existing web page, integrating easy-to-update dynamic web pages, or developing a database management system.

Why update my website...

Do improvements really add to the value of your website? Are they cost effective? Do you ever have a deep desire to regularly visit websites that contain the same information day-after-day, year-after-year? What about the ability to update your website easily from any online computer, anywhere at anytime? Silver360 has dynamic web design solutions that can make this a reality.

Is it foolish to think that the customer attraction value of your website may slip-if you don't watch out? You might learn, at little cost, a lesson many website owners are learning painfully: that the customer attraction value of your website is a living thing, likely to shrivel without the care and sustenance it needs.

Nothing makes the hard facts about a website's value clearer than getting potential customers to buy from it. Then, suddenly, you feel the lack of a powerful database. Or the navigation becomes too clumsy to accommodate your growing products and services.

Here are some facts to chew on. Seven out of ten websites in this country need some repair right now just to stop customers from moving on. A survey in Toronto, for example, showed this year that most websites needed some fixing up-and more than half were getting little or no traffic at all. One out of every five websites needs simpler navigation. One in every four needs more comprehensive content.

Why haven't these website owners done something? Is maintaining the value of their websites too difficult, or too expensive? The only reasonable answer is that many of them must think so. If they do, they're wrong.

What on earth can a database do for me...

Our systems save our clients money by automatically processing their business tasks. This automation greatly reduces the amount of human involvement to process a transaction. The ability for your application to process a product order, document employee project time, generate an automated invoice, or prepare inventory reports and tracking customer statistics without human processing is what brings incredible value to our applications. By using our system solutions, some of our customers have the ability to increase their staff's occupational efficiency, generate powerful product and consumer reports, and eliminate repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

Our systems can bring together what our clients already have. Many organizations still employ multiple software packages that cannot communicate with each other. This results in having many processes that must be duplicated, such as the re-entry of data from a customer order entry system into a purchase order system, etc. Our solutions try to avoid these inefficiencies by incorporating existing data and databases into an integrated system solution. Integrating multiple business processes into one database package can yield tremendous cost-savings and productivity gains while greatly simplifying the processing of complicated information or specialized information.

Our systems grow with you, and are built to grow with your company, or adapt to changes in process. We meet the diverse challenges and opportunities of the future by providing a complete solution built on your current needs (not ours). Whether you process hundreds or millions of transactions, our systems will always provide solutions that really makes your data work for you. We specialize in Oracle, MS SQL Server, MS Access, dBase, and MySQL solutions.
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  and more...
Management: strategic planning, design, management, outsourcing. Technical: database, web, training.
London, Toronto, Muskoka, Gravenhurst, Huntsville, Bracebridge, Barrie, Orillia, Durham, Whitby, Oshawa.