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Silver360 provides project management services to help our clients successfully implement planned technology solutions in a cost effective and timely manner. Our process balances theoretical approaches with the realistic challenges faced when rolling out a project. Our process includes, however is not limited to:

Defining the project scope:
Clearly understanding the project environment, priorities, success criteria, and assessing risk.

Planning the project:
Defining the project objectives, estimating project costs, sequencing and scheduling, and finding optimal resources.

Implementing the project plan:
Providing ongoing project progress monitoring, particularly focussed on critical path tasks.

Evaluating the project:
Following through with the project right until the end, providing post evaluation services.

  What is a project:
A venture with start/end dates.
An organized effort from many parts of an business.
Targeted to meet a specific objective or pre-defined goals.
Constrained by cost, time, resources, and quality.
Is divisable in tasks or stages.
Has a priority in an organization.